The Urban Zen Integrative Therapy UZIT) Program is an advanced teaching program focused on integrating complimentary healing modalities into mainstream medical care.

Students are trained in four healing modalities;

YOGA THERAPY ~including; yoga movements modified for chair, bed or hospital room, restorative poses, breath awareness and guided body scan meditations.

REIKI~ the healing power of touch to calm and rejuvenate the body and mind 

ESSENTIAL OILS THERAPY~the natural healing properties of the plant world in the form of therapeutic grade oils which help to reduce pain and anxiety, aid digestion, enhance meditation and promote emotional upliftment.

CONTEMPLATIVE CARE~ harnessing the mind into the present moment

The healing modalities are implemented to address the primary symptoms of illness - pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, constipation and exhaustion.

The program begins by establishing a foundation of excellent self-care in the practitioner, and leads to clinical experience gained through mentored case studies and accumulation of clinical hours.

The Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program is not just for those who have suddenly taken ill, nor is it intended soley for the chronically ill. This program is designed to optimize well-being in our daily life and should be seen as a preventative healthcare plan as well.







In 2009, the Urban Zen Foundation was launched by Donna Karan as an approach to modern healthcare that treats the patient, not just the disease. The Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) Program is a comprehensive healthcare program that utilizes both Western and Eastern philosophies of healing. This groundbreaking program leaves no aspect of wel-being; physical, mental or spiritual unaffected.

Rather than addressing isolated symtoms of illness and defining overall physical and mental health as the absense of those symptoms, the UZIT program defines health as optimal vitality.

The Urban Zen program has been integrated into the daily operations of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City,and UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. It has brought relief in patient support groups at Hope Lodge, and provided sanctuary and practical assistance in disaster relief settings such as after Hurricane Katrina and in post earth-quake Haitii.