My journey with Young Living Essential Oils...

I remember, even as a little girl in Northern England, being really fascinated with the power of scents to evoke a feeling or memory. I would check this amazing book out from our local library that actually had scents embedded in the pages. As it told the tale of how perfume was made, I would smell the musty perfumes of rose, vetiver and bergamot in the paper and imagine the exotic origins of these elements and wonder what  life had in store for me.

Fast forward to my eventual life as a yoga instructor in California where I’ve been passionately exploring the amazing benefits of essential oils to physical and mental well-being, for a few years now.
I was introduced to Young Living essential oils by Carla Sri Devi when she offered me a simple drop of YL peppermint oil on my left palm just before I walked into the studio to teach a class.
As I began teaching I experienced basically a whole body shift as though I was soaking that peppermint oil into my every cell. It sounds so dramatic but the sensation was really profound like waking up a new part of my brain, and I knew that there was something special about this was nothing like the various perfume oils I had been buying for years from healthfood stores and spiritual bookstores. I popped my head back out of my classroom, and took her card.
The rest is history. I’ve been using these incredibly high quality therapeutic grade essential oils with joyous abandon ever since.

They say there are no coincidences, and so it came about that within the next few months I was invited to join forces with Donna Karan and Rodney Yee’s Urban Zen Foundation working along side the amazing Tracy Griffiths in teaching the integrated modalities of Aromatherapy, Reiki, Restorative Yoga and Contemplative Care; exclusively using these wonderful Young Living essential oils... I truly landed in heaven!!!

I use an ever expanding array of oils in my Hatha Yoga, Therapeutic, and Urban Zen classes. I am always branching out, learning and developing relationships with new plant essences and finding out what they are useful for.
Peppermint continues to be my absolute favorite because of it’s ability to be simultaneously comforting and intense. But, I also have found Tangerine to be a real winner with almost everyone I’ve ever introduced it to, with it’s sweet, uplifting, happy vibe.
This week i have been delving into Basil oil which is proving helpful for migraines and upper respiratory issues.
Oh, and at home in my medicine cabinet, I am never without a little blend of frankincense, lavender and melaleuca alternifolia for skin breakouts...very effective!

In my yoga classes I use different oils, as needed, to help relax or invigorate my students. When I drop a little oil into their hands I find it’s a lovely way to connect to the students, and give back to my community. As people inhale the oil, I see their faces become open and receptive to the experience of something new. It brings them more into their breath and their bodies.


Here's a recent interview I gave about the YoungLiving Oils

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